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May 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to...Me!

26 years ago on this date, Mt. St. Helens erupted violently, spreading ash across much of the northwest - enough so that my father, on his way to work in Missoula, MT, would scrape some off the hood of his car as a keepsake for his newborn son named...Jason Hagglund.

My gift to myself will be to...work faster! ;)

Sorry (yet again) for my lack of productivity here. It has to do with an overflowing abundance of it elsewhere in my life, which I'll tell y'all about when I finally get the time.

April 11, 2006

Better Photos Than Mine

Better than a lot of other peoples', for that matter. Phoric, he of the Origin of Storms blog, has recently launched a new photo blog that you all really need to check out.

Photos, At Long Last

Check out my pictures from Opening Day 2006 at Safeco Field.

March 23, 2006

Dissapointing End to a Great Season

Gonzaga loses to UCLA, 73-71.

Mbah a Moute scored six of the final 11 points and got a key steal in the final seconds to seal the win and send UCLA to its first regional final since 1997.

A key steal? It was a mugging! Alas, it was one missed call. These things happen.

A Sweet 16 berth pretty much always translates into a sucessful season though. It was a great run.

Note to Adam Morrison: please come back!

March 21, 2006

Skip Bayless is Overrated

I'll admit this much: I am quite steamed that Skip Brainless Bayless, the least intelligent sports writer in America, has decided to blast away at my boy Adam Morrison (my favorite communist of all time). This may or may not color the criticisms I'm about to level against him. But the fact is, I've long thought Bayless to have a room temperature IQ, and the content of this column shows why. Let's break it down.

Continue reading "Skip Bayless is Overrated" »

March 15, 2006

Bracket Time

It's that time of year you know, and I have my bracket and my mustache ready (which, by the way, is much better than Adam Morrison's). For the second consecutive year, I have both of my alma maters to root for. My upset-happy bracket dictates that Montana will shock Nevada in the first round before bowing out to Boston College; meanwhile, Gonzaga will defeat Michigan State in the title game 87-83.

Continue reading "Bracket Time" »


The 2006 set of commercials for the Seattle Mariners is out, and in light of the "folk hero" bit on my favorite Mariner Richie Sexson, I believe I'm owed some money.

Upon the signing of uber-slugger free agents 1B Richmond Lockwood Sexson (eschewing the more mainstream "Richie Sexson", I think the man's full name imbues him with the aura of a folk hero; the intriguing intensity this man has in his eyes while playing only adds to that)...[emphasis added]

You Mariners executives are hereby encouraged to contact me for an address where a check can be sent.

Continue reading "Plagarists!" »

March 14, 2006

Chef Goes Nanners For Good

Issac Hayes, soul singer and voice of the heretofore irreplacable Chef, has decided enough is enough. To hear Hayes tell it, a show dedicated to ridiculing every conceivable group of people on planet Earth crossed the line when it took aim at Scientology.

Continue reading "Chef Goes Nanners For Good" »

Watch How You SayWA!

The Washington Department of Community, Trade, Economic Development, and Free Ice Cream (ok, I made that part up) has devised a catchy new tourism slogan:

According to the state tourism office Web site, "SayWA is a distillation of the sense of wonder that comes with discovery. It describes the moment when an experience becomes emotional. Where the traveler is no longer an observer, but a participant. The SayWA moment." [empasis mine]

I had a really politically incorrect thought about this, in light of western Washington's sizeable Asian population.

Continue reading "Watch How You SayWA!" »

More Starbucks Silliness

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes and dull your intellects. I present to you...The Way I See It #61:

Imagine we are all the same. Imagine we agree about politics, religion and morality. Imagine we like the same types of music, art, food and coffee. Imagine we all look alike. Sound boring? Differences need not divide us. Embrace diversity. Dignity is everyone's human right.

-- Bill Brummel, documentary filmmaker. His programs focus on human rights issues [what else?].

Well, whoever says that imitation is a form of flattery can eat my shorts:

Continue reading "More Starbucks Silliness" »

March 08, 2006

Just How the Heck Did We Get Here Then?

"I am trying for the life of me [to understand] how anybody can protest what V-Day is," she says. "I have no idea why we have a conservative element in this country that doesn't believe in sex, that opposes masturbation, that thinks homosexuality and lesbians are evil. I think sexuality is healthy and gorgeous and delicious." - Eve Ensler in the Washington Post

Just how did this conservative element come into being if we're so opposed to sex? I assume the blockbuster story about Jerry Falwell's super-secret bioengineering plant runs tomorrow?

Continue reading "Just How the Heck Did We Get Here Then?" »

Too Much of the Hagglund to Love?

After my workout this morning, I was shocked to learn that even though I'd been a bit of a slacker with my workouts for the past couple of weeks, my weight has dropped down to 251.

However, this is a somewhat bittersweet realization after calculating my Body Mass Index.

Continue reading "Too Much of the Hagglund to Love?" »

March 07, 2006

Something Evil The Wal-Mart Has Done!

Not content to merely steamroll Mom N' Pops with their low prices (reverse price gouging!) and general mastery of the large-scale retail business, The Wal-Mart has apparently been endearing itself to sympathetic bloggers to help clean up its image, so reports the New York Times:

Continue reading "Something Evil The Wal-Mart Has Done!" »

ID Intelligence

Intelligent Design is something I have a keen interest in but have lacked the time (to say nothing of competence) to write about substantively. Being a Christian myself, and one who believes the Bible represents Truth rather than a fine collection of stories, I obviously believe ID presents a more plausible explanation for our existence than Darwinian evolution. But as one who believes intellectual honesty is both key to my faith and a duty in its own right, I concede that evolution represents the consensus scientific view and realize that opposing ideas will have an uphill battle. It's more the nature of the debate itself, rather than the existence of evolution theory, that often bothers me.

As it turns out, I'm not the only one. An admitted proponent of evolution, education reformer Andy Smarick, has contributed a fine piece of writing at NRO today expressing his own dissatisfaction with the nature of the public debate on this issue. In sum, proponents of evolution have narrowed the terms of the debate to exclude alternate explanations, misrepresenting both contesting ideas and their own scientific discipline.

Continue reading "ID Intelligence" »

Differing Degrees of Intolerance

At Oregon State University about a month ago, one Nathaniel Blake had the audacity to pen a column in the Daily Barometer befitting its headline - "The Islamic Double Standard." This obviously wasn't going to fly on this or any other college campus without considerable furor. But, oddly enough, some of the reaction has involved Muslim students, enraged at the suggestion that their religion receives special treatment, demanding special treatment, so reports OregonLive:

Continue reading "Differing Degrees of Intolerance" »

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